Ellen and Portia being adorable.

This entry is brought to you by this fantastic news:Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

Don’t actually read the comments on the article. If you have a logical cell in your body it will explode in fits of rage.

I firmly believe that anyone who finds that special person who lights up their world just by existing should be able to marry them. (Barring age of course) Seriously don’t think a 16 year old could fully understand ‘until death do us part’) to me it will never be a question of gender, skin tone, or being left handed. Marriage has always been about love and finding a person you want to spend the rest of your life with. One day I hope I’m lucky enough to find someone I can stand for more than five minutes. With President Obama saying this it makes my heart happy. It means we are one step closer to my best friend being able to legally marry the love of her life. It means she is one step closer to be able to stay with her in the hospital, to share things together the way any couple should be able to. Love isn’t about the childish flirting and the good moments. It’s about the hard moments they never tell you about in stories, the ones that truly make a marriage. It’s the hospital at 3:00am, sitting in the ICU trying to hold it together while the love of your life’s brain is being opened to save her (or him). It’s when the nurse can look at a person and understand that in that moment visiting hours don’t apply. It’s the cot next to the bed. It’s the funerals attended together. It’s the rock in a world of madness. It’s staying through the depressions, the fights, the car accidents. It’s in losing everything but each other and clawing back up. It’s wanting to raise the future together. Most importantly, marriage should be about love.

And everyone, barring serial killers and that guy that doesn’t think stop signs apply to him, should have the opportunity to have it. So thank you for agreeing with me Mr. Obama. I don’t believe the states or anyone else has the right to tell someone they can’t get married and be as happy, or miserable as everyone else.

Also, just think of how much money would be going back into the economy because of gay marriage? Just think of the receptions. That’s a bunch of paychecks and jobs right there. Won’t anyone think of the economy?!