I was originally going to title this blog Oh My Kensington! Then I had too much sugar one day and it almost became The Devil’s Pantaloons because of something John Stewart said. It came to me in a vision! Okay so I was half asleep at work and I knew what my blog had to be called: Pantaloons. Why? Because of my absurd love for that word.

Every now and then I get a phrase, a sentence, or a word stuck in my head and I have to use it obsessively. It could be something as silly as “and that is how I roll” (thank god that phase is over) to “I love your face!” and for the brief period of time where everything was called “Monkey!” or “Bunny!” simply because it could. I also think this was a clear sign that my parents should have picked up that I was mentally unwell in some way but I think my insane habits made me quite charming in my later years. I mean what almost thirty year old goes around calling everything ‘bunny!’ and I do mean everything.

So, yes, Pantaloons: The blog. Cause why not? I mean really.

But in case you are one of those anal people who are like.. no you can’t have a blog called Pantaloons without a picture of Pantaloons!

There take the pantaloons and LIKE IT

And they were the DEVIL’S PANTALOONS!

I don’t mean I really called everything Bunny. That would just be weird.