There is something great about the anonymity of the internet. It’s like God came down from the heavens created a series of tubes and went “go forth my children and become a bunch of pretentious assholes who can’t spell but like to argue about everything!” And we did and it was good, and some of us pretended to be J.F.K. come back to life. We don’t question it. It just happens.. That is the great thing about the internet we’re a bunch of creative dicks with no restraints and we get to hide who we are behind a screen.

On the interwebs we can be anyone, anything. Even a duck. No, seriously.

I personally enjoy it because you can watch your favorite tv shows on hulu for less than it costs to get cable, download the best thing in the universe (porn, ya’ll!), and gosh if your favorite characters in a TV show aren’t hooking up… well behold the power of the internet and rule 34. If you can think it, it’s here. Probably horribly written in the dredges of but it’s THERE. Which is a beautiful and smutty thing.

The point is, I think I’m going to just sit here and add to the pile of “oh my god why would someone in their right of mind say weird shit like that” on the interwebs. Maybe I’ll review things, maybe I’ll just snark them. Maybe I’ll just run around with fire on my head. Maybe I’ll try too hard and cry deeply in the corner.

Probably the latter.